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Nova Vozrak Senior editor

The Software Informer client is an application designed for tracking software updates. It's created to help those who like to have their applications fresh and always functional, and it does that by notifying users of new updates for their installed software and allowing them to download those.
To keep up with its purpose, Software Informer never stops getting better and more comfortable to use. Its newer versions inherit all the proven benefits from the previous ones, such as close integration with the Software Informer website and customizable Notifications, and also offer something on their own.

The new release of Software Informer uses an improved algorithm for checking for updates: the Client offers updates based on the user's operating system and its architecture. It's definitely a welcome change since it makes it less likely that confusing a 64-bit update for a 32-bit one will cause you problems.

There is also a new tab introduced in the interface: Recommendations. Here you can see some top applications suggested based on what you have already installed. This tab really helps in finding new interesting programs.

Generally, with the release of version 1.2, Software Informer has become considerably more helpful (especially with regard to the introduction of recommendations) and more stable. Retaining the useful features of previous versions, it provides the same comfort spiced with new capabilities.


  • Uses an improved algorithm for checking for updates.
  • The new Recommendations tab is very handy.


  • It may take some time to configure your personal list of recommendations.

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  All comments (269)
  • 2
    Guest 2 days ago

    It's awesome even now I figured that we can zoom just like in web browsers by clicking Control + Scroll up/down.

  • 0
    Vojta 11 days ago

    Nice piece of software that provides you with a lot of info about software other people are using. Would use it outside of a virtual machine.

  • 0
    kalaria 12 days ago

    Why isn't this update pushed natively?

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