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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

This review applies to version 1.3. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Software Informer’s new extensively revamped interface will not leave you indifferent. It’s still the same old and reliable free software tool that notifies more than one million users about all the new updates available for our applications.
But, far from being a simple updater, it also provides you with extensive information and recommendations about your favorite tools.

This brand new version of Software Informer’s client looks now more impressive than ever, and it comes with a new dedicated website, too. Dressed on its Sunday’s best, it will remind you (a lot) of the new tile-based operating system developed by Microsoft. It not only looks familiar, it is also simpler and much more intuitive than the tiny and crowded window of the previous version. You will probably welcome the possibility of reading the latest Software Informer reviews about the applications installed on your system without leaving the program or opening a Web browser…
You may also miss the old feature, though, as the new version of the SI client seems to have left behind its driver updater. At least I couldn't find it anywhere! Not that I used it a lot in the past or that I can’t do without one now, but some veteran users may find it a bigger loss. The recommendations, however, have been greatly improved. You get loads of updated information about tools that Software Informer believes you may be interested in. They are based on the programs installed on your system: those you have recently uninstalled and all your latest software-related activity. The more you use the SI Client, the more accurate recommendations you get. You can download the recommended tools directly from here, browse some of the users’ comments or read all the information about it right from the SI site.

Still the new SI client has also some small flaws to work out. For one, the program has problems refreshing its list of installed programs after uninstalling one of them. The deceased application keeps showing up for a while until it finally disappears. Nothing sufficient and certainly nothing that might make you think twice before trying this highly improved new version of an old and efficient friend.


  • Clear and intuitive new interface.
  • Offers you personal recommendations.
  • Shows extensive information about your latest software-related activity.
  • Reads the latest Software Informer reviews from your SI Client's main window.


  • Notifications about driver updates are no longer available.

Publisher's description

Software Informer will detect your installed software automatically, and it will display available up-to-date info about your programs.

Account synchronization between the Client app and the website allows you to use the whole range of Software Informer services effortlessly.

Software Informer will keep your software up to date. You will know about new updates the moment they come out. Your drivers are also kept updated, along with your programs.

Various subscription options allow you to aggregate all the info you're looking for in one feed.

Based on your preferences, Software Informer will suggest other programs that you may find interesting. It's very simple: the more programs you use, the better suggestions you get.

Reviews and comments written by our experienced editors and common users will help you form educated opinions on various programs.

Learn new things and share your knowledge on program pages, or by commenting on articles and reviews. Intricate questions can be tackled by seasoned professionals.

Software Informer will keep track of your questions and comments, and you will never miss a single reply. You will also get notifications about articles and other new info.

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  All comments (598)
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    Guest 22 hours ago

    I heve been using Sofware Informer for a long time and it has become the unique to get the last updates of all my apps.

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    Ris.s 10 days ago

    i try to downlode this but i can't downlode anybody tip me for how to downlode this :

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    Ris.s 10 days ago

    its a super software i can try it its best its update your other softwares

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